Big Data is describes as large set of data whose size is beyond the ability of widely used software programs to record, handle and approach the data within a endurable past time. Big Data has categorized into two types such as structured information which has 10% of data about data. where as unstructured information is nothing but contains 90% of human information. It is very difficult to analyze and manage using traditional means such as relational databases like emails, Facebook postings, tweets, videos, call center conservations, mobile phone calls and web site clicks e.t.c

Big Data solutions offer mission-critical, real-time as well as set abilities. All alternatives are factory-integrated and examined, offering a finish remedy, and enabling you to begin little and develop as your needs develop. Big Data incorporation can help you access, incorporate, and handle information of any range, from any resource, and merge it to produce ideas and value otherwise impossible.

Rize Objective is to help customers take care of company issues through following best methods and personalize alternatives designed to meet the appropriate needs of the company. We have modified our methods to focus on transformational technologies to provide thought authority and alternatives including big data, Cloud computing, mobile computing, BYOD and social networking.


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