RIA Development

Ruby on Rails

We have been consistently working on new and emerging technology areas and we develop projects based on Ruby on Rails for consistency and ease of manageability tailored to customers’ requirements.

Ruby on Rails is one of the fastest growing open source technology platforms and we have a team of dedicated programmers working on Ruby on Rails based MVC framework to lay the foundation for solid expertise on RoR. Contact us

RIA (Rich Internet Application)
We have strong expertise of working on dynamic applications based on AJAX, PHP, RoR, Silver light and Flex.

A Rich Internet Application is a web application with all the functionality and responsiveness of a desktop software application, but with the ease and low cost of deployment of traditional web applications. Rize builds RIA's using AJAX, PHP, RoR, flex and Microsoft Silverlight, following the best practices for implementing Web 2.0 technologies.
AJAX based RIA

We have strong expertise of working on AJAX based dynamic applications based on PHP and RoR.

AJAX applications do not require any plug-ins to function and rely only on a combination of techniques currently built into all major web browsers. These techniques allow a professional developer to create a rich user experience without costing performance. Using AJAX, enterprises can reach a broad audience of customers, partners, and employees with rich content and interactivity.


  • Rapid development time for faster time to market requirement
  • Flexibility of MVC design pattern
  • Enhance your Web 2.0 development to bring more value to business with RIA practices


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