You may have heard of WordPress development before. WordPress is hard to miss due to its popularity and usage. Till date, about sixty million WordPress-based websites have been launched, among which more than half are hosted on the WordPress hosting platform itself. The statistics also show that over 100,000 new WordPress-based websites are sprouting every day. Sounds astonishing? Now that's the power of social networking and web 2.0, which rendered a power to express to the world through blogging.

Things you should know

Before we proceed, I wish to demystify the difference between is a free and open source platform for blog posts. It is basically a blog engine and the content management system. On the other hand, only facilitates the hosting of the content from the blog engine; having said that, I would like to mention that WordPress is not rigid. It allows acquiring services from other third-party hosts as well, and allows switching back to hosting if required at the later stage.

The reason why users prefer taking up WordPress hosting services is that includes several unique features, which other hosting service providers may not offer, such as built-in engine analytics, custom WordPress design services, free collection of themes and much more. It helps users to choose to acquire WordPress custom design or WordPress theme development services from reputed WordPress Development companies.

New Tools and Features

WordPress always maintained its novel nature frequently updating its services; each time, making it more convenient for the users. Although WordPress is well-known for its services, it lacks credibility in some areas. Those areas can be simply covered through WordPress extension development. WordPress extension development even helps augment its services.

Many recent extensions help resolve most of indexing and on-page SEO issues. These services eliminate the pages that plague sites created without a thought for the search engines. This facility allows SEOs to focus on more complex and new areas of the optimization such as video and social integration.

Given the reliability of WordPress website, there wasn't ever a need to backup files. However, to avoid data loss due to detrimental situations, WordPress extension development, for backup, took place. WordPress Backup Plugin is mostly useful when a WordPress blog is hacked and needs restore to its pre-hacked state. Files accidentally deleted can also be restored.

Once you set up the WordPress, add a theme of your choice and add plugins to ease the task, your next step is to set up the sidebar. The sidebar should comprise of activities often done such as listing the most popular post, advertising, a search bar and much more.

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