The Successful Journey of ASP DOT NET Development Technologies till Date


ASP.NET development tool has emerged as an unbeatable technology in the field of software development in recent times. Microsoft has indeed developed a gem of a technology which can be used to deliver precise technical solutions to enterprises. Dot net development’s USP is not only swift and resourceful programming model but also fast deployment of applications. Dot net constitutes of 3 interdependent entities, such as .NET Framework SDK, .NET Framework, and the development environment.

Technologies prior to .NET, had limited flexibility as far as fine tuning of software applications is concerned. Although a lot of time has passed since then, but even today, dot net occupies a respectable share in the enterprise level software development market; thanks to its immense capability and features to develop custom made software as per requirement. Being an object-oriented, event-driven development platform, it provides effectual, scalable, and quicker software application development.

Few distinctive features of ASP.NET framework:

    * Effortless programming model: Building real world web application is really simple. Validation of user inputs, projection of data and uploading of files are extremely easy.
    * Extensive tool support: The .NET framework provides full project life cycle features which facilitate organizations to plan, analyze, design, build and test web applications. Excellent IDE which reduces application development time
    * Output caching: Output caching in ASP.NET dramatically improves the performance and scalability of the large database driven application.
    * Server-side scripting: ASP.NET being a solely server-side technology, executes the ASP.NET code on the server before sending to the browser. This means only the HTML part is sent to the browser which prevents application code theft.
    * Code re-usability of own code and also characteristic code blocks provided by Microsoft
    * Rich Graphical Interface: Graphically rich interface using Silverlight
    * Better user experience with Ajax, JQuery support.

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