The Cassandra information source is the perfect option when you need scalability and high convenience without limiting performance. Straight line scalability and confirmed fault-tolerance on investment components or reasoning facilities make it the perfect foundation for mission-critical information. Cassandra's assistance for copying across several data centers is best-in-class, offering lower latency for your customers and the satisfaction of understanding that you can endure local failures.

Cassandra provides a structured key-value store with tunable consistency. Important factors map to multiple values, which are grouped into pillar close relatives members. The pillar close relatives members are fixed when a Cassandra database is created, but content can be included to children members at any time. Furthermore, content are included only to specified keys, so different keys can have different numbers of content in any given close relatives.

Cassandra's Column Family data design presents the comfort of pillar indices with the performance of log-structured up-dates, powerful support for materialized opinions, and highly effective built-in caching. Cassandra is designed for enterprise-class, real-time data source deployments that need scalability, quick performance, a powerful schema, and ongoing availability.

Cassandra Features

Big Data scalability

Peer-to-peer, “masterless” architecture

Fast straight line performance

Elastic scalability

No anchorman of failure

Multi-data center/cloud able

Location freedom

Dynamic schema

Tunable information consistency

Data compression


SQL-like terminology (CQL)

Memory effective

Easy installation

Cassandra is designed to run on top of an facilities of thousands of nodes. At this range, big elements fall short continuously; the way Cassandra controls the chronic condition in the experience of these breakdowns pushes the stability and scalability of the application techniques counting on this service.In many ways Cassandra appears like a data source and stocks many style and execution techniques with directories.