Benefits of Facebook Developed Hiphop to PHP Development in India

Hence it can be concluded that the benefits of HipHop would be beneficial to PHP development in India.

PHP is very simple to learn, write, read and debug. With different types of tools being introduced to the PHP world it has become a rapidly changing computer language. The recent addition to the niche is HipHop introduced by Facebook. HipHop was developed to make PHP applications faster and hence would be of immense help to PHP development in India.

HipHop for PHP development in India reduces usage of CPU on servers by at least 50% varying on the bases of the number of web pages. This would eventually help reduce overhead as less CPU would mean fewer servers. HipHop is developed by Facebook and was tried for the first time on their site where it was found that HipHop was helpful to reduce overhead and would be soon released as a free PHP framework.

Currently PHP development in India, companies will be able to use only the beta version as the development of Hiphop is still not complete. The company defines it as a code transformer which would efficiently transform PHP code to C++ and then use g++ to complete the transformation. To ensure improved performance for source code transformation HipHop sacrifices few rarely seen features.

To answer what makes HipHop so important for PHP development in India it can be said that its features give it an edge over others. It has reapplication of PHP’s runtime system, code transformer and many rewritten extensions which are common on PHP. Now you might be thinking why we need something like HipHop. Here is a long explanation to a small query.

PHP has its origin in programming languages like ruby, Python and Pearl. All these languages are very simple for the programmers to code and are able to repeat on the PHP applications. But it is also known that programming languages are poor at CPU and memory. Hence it becomes very difficult to develop big PHP applications using PHP.

An easy way to transform this limitation of PHP development in India to the other side of the coin is to transform the complex coding of PHP into simple C++ coding. This technique will make PHP interpreter between HTML and C++. Hence HipHop has been developed to have the ability to transfer complex PHP code to simple C++ codes.

How will PHP development in India benefited by HipHop is another question we need to answer. India, though a growing economy is considered an IT outsourcing giant. Most of the economic development in India can be attributed to the flourishing IT industries which bring in more investment each year and more employment opportunities.

Until now most of the PHP development companies in India offered PHP applications development service using different languages. HipHop will help web development companies in India especially PHP development in India companies reduce overhead expenses. This would directly mean that the company offering PHP development services in India will be spending comparatively less money and so will make better gains. Better gains would ultimately result in the growth of these companies.

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