The face of Web development is constantly changing. Hiring staff that can keep up with all of its changes becomes more and more challenging as technology evolves. And this is especially the case with Ruby on Rails (RoR) development.

The popularity seen by the adoption of RoR has seen an extreme increase of interest by those wanting to become RoR developers. With the new surge of developers added to the programming pool, how does a client determine which candidate is truly qualified when it comes to joining a RoR development team?

Like many other programming technologies, it is best to hire a developer that has deep knowledge of Ruby on Rails. While teams often do benefit from “generalists”  who are suited to a wide variety of technologies, having a developer with specific RoR development experience will save considerable time.Veteran RoR developers will minimize the effort required by those lacking the requisite experience they already have.

So it’s essential for a RoR developer’s team to consist of teammates equally competent in RoR development, with every colleague being already on the same page as the others.

Today’s modern Web development cannot afford any slowdowns during the development process, nor can today’s enterprises afford to accept mistakes and failures created by those unfamiliar with the RoR engineering process. The best possible output is derived from a RoR development team that consistently works together in a professional, uniform fashion.

This is not to say that developers only need to concern themselves with Web technology. The best are skilled in a number of skills and competencies that are geared towards a well-rounded, interdisciplinary approach to solving real-world problems that are found throughout the Web development process.

All Web development may seem to focus solely on Web pages and the technology upon which they are served, but in reality Web development is a human endeavor that transcends electronic media. Web development is a human endeavor designed to solve human problems.

Solid RoR development teams realize this is more inclined to deliver clients effective, long-term solutions than those who simply develop for technology’s sake. This should also be the case for its individual members.

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