Few points to make web design useful for end users and relevant for search engines

There are many examples on how people have earned name and fame by a simple website. The fact that any website must be useful and worthy is universally true but Website Design Is equally important as people often find complex web design hard to understand and try to avoid sites having higher complexity levels. There are few points which must be taken care while designing your webpage for end users and few points that must be taken care while designing your site for search engines.

Fact that around 80 percent of web traffic comes through search engines can not be ignored and therefore while developing any web site design we must care that web page is in accordance with the search engines or in other words it should be search engine friendly. LSI or Latent semantic Indexing is a methodology widely used and accepted by search engines. There are other governing bodies which regularly publish there views and recommendations on making site search engine friendly.

So there are two fronts on which any web page must be designed end user front and search engine front. This article will try to elaborate on few points any web site design must follow in order to make it simple, useful and successful. As we all know that computer or internet is a one way medium of communication but latest technology like web 2.0 and other auto refreshing technology has made it two way communications to some extent. Our aim should be to make any web site as much talkative as it is possible.

Any web site design must be simple, easy to understand and talkative so that users are bound by the site. When a visitor opens a web site he has some short of query or objective in the mind and at the time of inception web sites must decide that what are the questions that any web site is made to answer? For example if you are working on a web site which provides information on real estate purchasing then all the questions of the search phases must be analyzed before going to start work over the website design.

Making any website in accordance to the search engines is equally important as major portion of the web traffic comes through the search engines. There are thousands of factor any search engines looks on to decide the relevance of any web page or web site like its navigational structure, downloading time, over all linking, title tag, meta tag, description tag, keyword density and many more. It is very important to develop a proper strategy before actually going to start
web design work.

There can be any number of pages in any website depending upon the need and them of the website. There are two types of linking any web page has internal linking, external linking. External link on any web page is redirected to some other web site while internal links means link on a web page to the other pages of the same website. Internal linking structure of any web page is very important as it is considered to be one of the most prominent factors to decide the relevance of any web page by the search engines. Ideally all the major pages must be linked to each other in the bottom of the page. For example if there are four pages in any website there should be three internal links on every web page.

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