iUI is a Web framework for Smartphone's and high-end devices and consists of JavaScript library, CSS, and images. Using iUI, you can develop mobile Web applications for devices like iPhone and comparable/compatible devices. The variegated features of iUI serve as a tool set for iPhone application development. iUI is a free, redistributable, and open source framework.

Characteristics of iUI-JS

iPhone developers can design Web applications using iUI-JS with a native look-alike feel. iUI support iOS, Android, RIM OS6, MeeGo, Bada, WebOS, etc. iUI works on iPad and also on most Android tablets. All these features enable an unrivaled environment for iPhone application development. iPhone developers can outsource iPhone development through the flexible and standardized iUI-JS. The core code of iUI is light wherein it does not incorporate too many transitions styles or built-in UI elements; however, multitude of plugins, extensions, and themes are available.

Features of iUI

iPhone development team can use iUI to create iPhone-style interfaces and navigational menus from standard HTML. iUI eschews the need for JavaScript knowledge to write mobile Web applications. You do not have to learn a new programming language - iUI is simply plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which don't require any compilation, code generation, or alteration. Basic iPhone development can be done using the visual HTML editor, which is a WYSIWYG editor. iUI has the ability to handle phone orientation changes. Generally, iUI can help deliver a iPhone-like experience in your Web applications.

Downloading and installing iUI

iUI does not require any installation. iUI framework comprises of HTML, CSS, JS, and image files organized in folder and zipped. You just have to download the archive and extract the contents and you ready to go. The simplicity of structure and usage makes it an ideal framework for iPhone application development among iPhone developers. Offshore application development can be efficiently rolled out using the iUI framework. To start using iUI capabilities, you need to first pull in the CSS and JavaScript in an HTML file along with some iPhone-specific Meta tags. This should be included in the head tags of the HTML file. The actual design is done within the body tags.

From history

iUI was developed by Joe Hewitt originally for iPhone developers. Its goal is to make standards-based HTML turn into a refined usable interface meeting the standards set by iPhone applications. In fact, it was originally christened iphonenav. Later, iUI was extended to support most Smartphone's and tablets. Some devices tested with iUI specifically are Palm Pre, HTC Magic, HTC Dream, HTC Hero/T-Mobile G2 Touch, Motorola Droid, Samsung Intercept and various othriOS handsets.

Examples of iUI Web sites/applications

  • Passage Weather: Weather Web app for sailors and adventurers providing worldwide forecast maps

  • PocketLocator: Web app that allows you to remotely share and update your location on your Web site or application. This type of application help iPhone developers to easily create applications that are location base.

  • iLounge: Web app that allows viewing all iLounge content like news, reviews, photo galleries, discussion forums, articles, etc., on an iPborie or iPod

  • MedicoPedia: Web app serving as an online medical dictionary. This type of application offers the meanings of different types of medical terms that is not commonly known.

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