What are Web safe fonts?


Practically every personal computer has a set of fonts installed. These fonts are usually put there by the computer manufacturer or are the default sets of fonts for the operating system that computer is using. It's possible to install additional fonts on your own.

However, not all font sets are created equal. Different computers can have very different sets of fonts installed, and most casual computer users never know the difference. When you are designing a web page, you need to keep this in mind. If you decide to use a font on your page that a visitor doesn't have, that font will render differently (and often unattractively) on the visitor's machine.

So, how do you make sure that your fonts will look good on the largest number of computers out there? Easy: use Web safe fonts. As computing evolves, considerations for the Web have taken effect for modern operating systems and Web browsers. Among these considerations is a list of Web safe fonts that Web designers can use to make sure their fonts render properly. Web safe fonts are a set of highly common fonts that come installed on just about every computer out there. Some (really) older computers may not have a few of the fonts that we consider Web safe today, but they are a minority.

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