Ruby is the newest object oriented programming language that makes programming simple and attractive.Ruby on Rails, RoR, Rails all these terms are used interchangeably. Rails is a full-stack, free, web application, open source ruby web framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern that is increased for sustainable productivity.

Why Ruby on Rails ??

Every developer plans to speed up the development process at the same time subduing error occurrence. Rails offer quick and simple development with quality results. If quality is maintained but the speed is increased multifold you don't need to think over it but just go for it, here comes RoR. With Ruby programming language you need to write few lines of code in comparison to other programming language to reach the same result. 'Convention over configuration' is the Ruby on Rails mantra i.e; with minimum software usage or consumption you generate more codes efficiently. The aim is to speed up development of web applications and database driven websites by providing programming convention and eliminating verbose xml configuration files.

RoR is gaining more popularity because web applications can be built with it much more easily and within a shorter time.In overall, Ruby on Rails is a very effective tool for web development. It can be used together with some of the most current technology and bring more dynamic creation. Therefore, it is becoming more popular as a choice for many developers out there. This has also lead to the increase of web hosting companies providing support for Ruby on Rails as they know that it brings excellent contribution to web developer.