Ruby is an object oriented programming language that creates development simple and exciting. It is combination of Smalltalk's idea, Python's convenience of use and studying ideas, Perl's pragmatism. Ruby on Rails, RoR, Rails all these conditions are used interchangeably. Rails has totally changed the web with its sagacity and offered developers with resources to meliorate by effacing lengthy programming methods and boosting ruby development.

Ruby on Rails allows to create a web page much quicker in a easy way. ROR is an exciting structure that has been applied in almost all web alternatives that helps to develop simple, complete and powerful web applications with rich interactivity and functionality.

Some of the functions which have motivated Ruby on Rails a popular structure amongst open source developers' group are:

  •     Programs are designed quicker using simple techniques using less rule.
  •    Combines Perl's pragmatism, Smalltalk's conceptual beauty, convenience to use from Python and studying ideas.
  •    An open source Ruby structure for creating database-backed web applications.
  •    Easy to set up web alternatives using Rails as it works well with broad range of web servers and directories that apply CGI or Fast SGI.
  •   Facilitates database like MySQL, SQL, SQL Hosting server, DB2 and Oracle and helps Ruby on Rails developers to make the applications better and simple to use.

RoR CMS provides very versatile alternatives, final outcome relies on customer choice no pre-format is compulsory, picture farming, resizing, multi-language support, excellent functionality, sort able tree-based administration customer interface, structure manager, scaffolding design is created. Tracks programs are Customized to excellence for an individual or an business and best fit for all kind of web application.