In the world of Web-based application development, users are demanding ever-improved application experiences. Silverlight RIA development is a new technology platform for developing powerful and compelling experiences to the end user. Silverlight web application development is a cross platform and cross browser implementation of .NET for building and delivering the next generation of media experience and rich interactive application for the web. It is a flexible programming model based on .NET framework that allows choice of development languages for developers.

Silverlight RIA Development integrates multimedia, graphics, animations and interactivity into a single environment which takes user's web experience to new heights. Silverlight RIA introduces Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for search engine, Virtual Earth, instant messenger and other services. Silverlight programming can be used by developers as a markup for creating media graphics and can be manipulated with dynamic programming languages & managed codes. There is wide range of features of Silverlight RIA applications enables the developers to develop the rich Internet applications in very simple ways & make them attractive.

Silverlight RIA applications can run in all popular browsers providing consistency, easy installation, audio-video allowing users for easy manipulation to drag- turn & zoom directly in browser and it reads the data & implement the changes without refreshing the page. Silverlight RIA applications integrates graphics, multimedia, animation, and interactivity in one runtime environment. Web pages built with Silverlight RIA Technology helps search engines index the actual application instead of just searching for the keywords.

Companies of all kinds use Silverlight to build interactive applications and deliver flawless streaming media to audiences on all types of screens, wherever the Web works. High definition video files can be viewed with Silverlight RIA Technology. In addition, the applications based on Silverlight Technology are delivered to browser in XAML. The advantage of using XAML is that it is easier for the search engines to find scan XAML than compiled Flash applications. There are many software development companies in India, who provide flawless SilverLight web applications within your timelines and budget.

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