One thing that’s good practice to do on a blog is to somehow highlight the authors comments so they stand out from the other comments. This makes it a lot easier for the user of the website to visually pick out which comments are from the author of the blog entry. It might not matter that much on a page with only a few comments; but if you’re on a page with a long list of comments it really helps. Instead of reading every comment, a lot of which might be of no use to you, you can scan down the page and quickly pick out the authors comments, which have a higher chance of being important to you.

There’s a lot of plug-ins for WordPress to handle this, but really it’s easier to just do it yourself with a lil CSS. WordPress attaches a class of .by post author on the list item (li) of the comment left by the author of the article. Since this list item wraps around the entire comment, you can easily specify a certain item within the comment and change the styling of it with your CSS, to help it stand out. You’ll see below a couple screen shots of my comments. Notice the subtle changes I made to my comments. The gravatar has a different background color, border color, and even a box shadow. I changed the color of both my name and the color of the text of the comment to help it further stand out. I kept things pretty simple, you could obviously go as crazy as you want. It’s simple things like this that helps to make the user experience better for your blog.

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