Since its inception in 2004 by David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails has gain popularity for its ability in faster & easy development of application. Programming experts use to claim similarities with some other programming languages like Perl and Python. It supports various databases such as oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, etc so it is very handy in development of database driven applications.

Development of error-free applications is first choice of developers and Ruby on Rails provides error logs in detail to develop fault-free web applications. Market analyzers in web development world has been found popularity graph of Ruby on Rails much higher then prevailing programming languages like PHP, java ASP, etc due to its easy to use features and rich qualities in the website development. This new open source application framework has rapidly gained popularity among common people as well as web developers.

What makes basic web development fast, efficient and easy?

There are various techniques used such as “Scaffold”, “Prototype”, and “WEBrick” in Ruby on Rails to make the web development easy and fast.

WEBrick is Ruby’s library which provides HTTP web server services and for testing the applications it is used by Ruby on Rails in the environment of developing.

Prototype is library of JavaScript that helps to deal with client-side scripting and usually performed in web application. Actually its development is driven by Rails according to

According to Scaffolding is the method of database-backed software applications; this technique is supported by few model-view-controller frameworks that allows programmers to specify how application database can be used then compiler uses these specifications of programmers for generating code that application can use to create, read, update and delete database entries. This Scaffolding was popularized by Ruby on Rails framework and this Scaffolding helps in building powerful web applications.

Using above techniques of Ruby on Rails framework in web development Ruby and Rails developers are producing efficient websites in effortless manner.

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