Software keyboards is one of the on screen input methods that is available in the Android development and Input Method Framework version 1.5. The IMF will work well with the new species of android devices and so it's very important to make sure that your Android application will also work well with the IMF. The main purpose is like to work even without the hardware keyboards.

Input Method:

Various kinds of IMEs like soft keyboard, hand-writing recognizers, and hard keyboard translators are all supported well by the Android development and IMF. The most recent input method that is widely being used is the soft keyboard. The user will get access to the IME through the text view to edit. At the bottom of the screen you will find the soft keyboard. PAN and scan is one of the many approaches that are used to organise the space between the application and the IME. The pan and Scan is nothing but focusing on the particular view by scrolling through the application window. The safest mode for the current applications is this mode.

The resize is the most commonly used screen layout wherein the screen size is adjusted to make the application fully visible.

Control the IMEs through XML attributes

The following are done by the system in order to help the current application work in coordinated manner with the IMEs like

  • Default use of the PAN and Scan mode unless resize mode can work automatically through list view and scroll views.

  • In order to enable the soft keyboard display the best key layout it better to choose from the various text view attributes

  • Next field and done are the few default actions that could be assigned to the full screen

Resize mode activation and added features

The input method and the concerned behaviour must be also considered by the Android applications. The best method would be to control through the pan and scan mode as well as resize mode. Other attributes that could be put to use are the android: windowSoftInputMode attribute that is used for defining the Android Manifest.xml. Similar to the input there are also other data piece that could be coupled together for better data retrieval like.

  • Adjust Resize or adjust Pan is used for specifying the window adjustment mode and is recommended

  • Also control the IME wherein you could either put them as default or make it such that the user will manually activate them.

  • Default activation of this is possible through state visible option. Besides this there are many other added futures in the android development that will be found in the documentation.

Action Buttons could be controlled

There are basically two action buttons that are found in the application

  1. The soft keyboard contains the enter key that will act when there is no operation in the multi line edit text.

  2. An additional action button is also put by the IME when in the full screen mode that helps the user to access the common application operation.

Such options are all guided and controlled by the android: imeOptions attribute on Text View.

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