The introduction of the online publishing program called WordPress revolutionized the way websites came to be constructed. This is because WordPress is powered by PHP and MySQL coding. It certainly is one of the most user-friendly platforms devised till date. When the professional team at Rize uses WordPress development to give form to your web dreams WordPress plugins are added to take care of certain issues which can crop up during publishing content.

As a content management system, WordPress is peerless and at Rize we utilize its splendid WordPress themes to make your website look unlike anything else that may be on the net. With thousands, nearly millions of websites on the net, it takes cutting edge technology and an understanding of how Web 2.0 is different from earlier versions to create web pages which can make it to the top of search engine lists. The expertise which Rize has in WordPress development would go a long way taking you there. While the design of the website can go a long way to capture visual interest, the critical factor which can have visitors keep coming back to your site is the quality of the content you post there.

The one thing that Web 2.0 has ensured is that English may be the dominant language of usage but other languages also have their own space and value to netizens. Whatever may be the language in which the content of your website is written, special characters will be needed for which WordPress plugins are unavoidable. Those who have often needed to write about people from European countries know that many names need to have stress marks above or below certain letters. If you want to post something about that magnificent athlete Irena Szewińska, typically you will need that stress mark over 'n' to be accurate. You can, of course, spell her name Szewinska. It somehow does not read right.

These stress marks are needed for many words in French, German and the Slavonic languages which enable the reader to decipher the correct pronunciation. Suppose you have written your material on a Word document and then decided to copy paste the matter when you are uploading it on your site. While your Word document will support special characters, unless you have WordPress plugins the platform will not support it. End result will be that during WordPress development you will be stranded with some strange characters on your web page! That is something which you definitely don't want.

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